PHOTO: New airport to connect landlocked Mongolia with the world

PHOTO: New airport to connect landlocked Mongolia with the world

Chinggis Khaan International Airport made its first flight a month ago. Currently, 3-4 regular flights are operated a day. It will be possible to operate 7-8 flights a day after the pandemic.

All airport facilities have been fully commissioned and are operating normally. The passenger service building at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport is twice as large as the one at Buyant-Ukhaa International Airport. The building has a modern Mongolian and Japanese interior and international airport standards.

The passenger service building has already been renovated, and pharmacies, book and flower shops, souvenirs, jewelry, cashmere and felt artisans and banks, operators, currency exchange offices, and insurance companies have opened their branches. The new airport will also work with the Japanese side, and Tsuna coffee shop, Ajisen Ramen, and Shinoa restaurants are about to open in Mongolia for the first time.

Airports of developed countries introduced automatic machines for passengers to check in and register their passports. As for the Chinggis Khaan International Airport, the passenger can check-in without meeting with the registration officer. The new airport has 10 check-ins for domestic flights and 16 check-ins for foreign flights. Once the passengers have registered and handed over their luggage, it will be checked automatically and each luggage will not be assigned to an employee due to the BHS system introduced. The system automatically recognizes which plane the luggage will be placed on, saving time and reducing human activity.

There is a statue of the Mongolian map, made of stone, located in the center of the hall. U.Khurelsukh, the President of Mongolia, once said “Chinggis Khaan International Airport will be the bridge to connect landlocked Mongolia with the world”. And his quote was written on the statue in Mongolian and English.