"Spring-Eagle Festival 2022" held

An event ’Spring-Eagle Festival 2022’ took place at the Mongolia-Kuwait Environmental Protection Center, with the participation of 11 eagle hunters from Bayan-Ulgii and Tuv aimags.

Mongolia is one of the few remaining countries that preserve the 6000-year-old tradition of eagle hunting. The eagle festival has been celebrated since 1999 in Bugat soum of Bayan-Ulgii aimag.

The festival is organized twice a year in Ulaanbaatar in spring and in Bayan-Ulgii province in fall, with aims to revive eagle hunting tradition and custom of Kazakh people, to pass the culture to younger generation and to promote it to the world.

The opening was attended by Member of Parliament, Chair of the Bayan-Ulgii aimag’s local council T.Aukabir, Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism E.Battulga, MPs G.Amartuvshin and Kh.Ganhuyag. Ts.Anandbazar, and Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Commission A.Tleikhan. Moreover, Ambassadors and delegates from Germany, Turkey, Kuwait, France, Russia, Poland, the Republic of Korea, the United States, Japan, Kazakhstan, and India also participated in the event.

In his opening speech, Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism E.Battulga noted that the Ministry supports environmentally-friendly events that attract foreign tourists. Noting that the Spring Eagle Festival is one of those events, he stressed that the comprehensive policy is being developed and implemented in phases to attract tourists and reduce impacts of seasonality in tourism industry.